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Collecting, reviewing, and reporting Digital Equity information
Collecting, reviewing, and reporting Digital Equity information

jmc helps schools and families submit digital equity information to satisfy state reporting requirements.

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As education becomes more reliant on access to technology, many states are collecting data on the availability of technology to students. jmc assists schools in the collection, review and reporting of digital equity data to help schools provide pivotal information to the state as they help provide access to technology for all students. jmc provides three avenues for digital equity data collection, review and reporting.

Collecting digital equity information in jmc Family

With jmc, collecting digital equity information is simple with the help of jmc Family. jmc empowers families to maintain and submit their own digital equity information during the online registration process in two phases.

  • Enabling digital equity data collection during online registration in jmc Office: In jmc Office, during the online registration setup phase, allow families to access the digital equity questionnaire in jmc Family.

  • Entering digital equity information in jmc Family: Primary contacts will respond to the digital equity questionnaire in jmc Family and submit responses to jmc Office.

Reviewing and editing digital equity responses in jmc Office

Once digital equity information is submitted through the jmc Family portal and accepted in jmc Office as part of the online registration data merging process, administrators and front office professionals can review and edit data as needed in jmc Office on the Digital Equity tab.

  • "Digital Equity" tab on the View Student Data page: All digital equity data can be reviewed or edited from the Digital Equity tab.

Reporting digital equity data to the state

Once collected, digital equity information is automatically reported to each state department in the format required by the state. Each state that certifies jmc as a SIS has their very own data collection method coded right into the software. No matter what your state might be, reporting digital equity data to the state involves:

  • Importing digital equity data from a prior year: Schools can get a head start on reporting digital equity data by importing data that had been entered from the previous year. Families will then be able to see the information they entered the previous year and edit as needed.

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