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Updating Wisconsin certified migrant education records in jmc
Updating Wisconsin certified migrant education records in jmc

jmc and WISE have teamed up to make certified migrant education program state reporting a breeze!

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Wisconsin provides federal assistance for migrant students. Once a student is identified and certified as a migrant student by DPI, WISEData will send the information to your school for uploading into jmc. This streamlined process ensures educators have current and accurate information, leading to improved support and appropriate funding for migrant students. With the collaboration of WISEData and jmc, your migrant education records will remain updated, requiring just one click from you!

Head to Wisconsin > WISEData > Update Migrant Program History from DPI in jmc Office to upload your migrant student data.

Step One: Click the "Update" button to pull DPI records into jmc Office.

Step Two: Click the "Print Summary" button to print a copy of the records that are viewable on the page below or to save the summary as a PDF.

Step Three: Click the "Cancel Summary" button to return to the "Update" page.

Step Four (optional): Repeat steps one-three anytime you need to update a student's certified migrant education record, like in the case of a state reporting error.

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