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Deleting a testing cohort

Nebraska schools can delete testing cohorts in the event a building level gets changed or added.

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Testing cohorts are created in jmc to connect students with Nebraska state assessments. Once a testing cohort is created in jmc, it can easily be deleted in the event that it was mistakenly sent to the state or if a change in building status requires the removal of one and allows you to start fresh and re-establish an accurate connection between students and the ADVISER portal.

To delete a cohort in jmc Office, head to Nebraska > ADVISER > Delete Cohort.

Step One: Select the building of the cohort to be deleted from the "Building" drop-down list to display the cohorts listed in that building.

Step Two: Select the cohort to be deleted from the "Cohort" drop-down list.

Step Three: Click the "ADVISER Delete Cohort" button to delete the selected cohort.

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