Teachers that use a traditional points and percentage calculation method to assess students on standards and benchmarks can utilize jmc for calculating those results straight to a report card. After the standards-based report card has been created and standards and benchmarks have been instanced to courses in jmc Office, teachers can utilize jmc's gradebook for calculating standards based results.

After categories and assignments have been created in jmc Teacher head to Scores > Categories and Assignments to add benchmark results to assignments.

Step One: Click the name of an assignment to edit the information for that assignment including the benchmark associated with it.

Step Two: Click the "Benchmarks" button below the "Assignment Description" window to associate a benchmark with the assignment.

Step Three: Select the appropriate standard associated with the benchmark from the drop-down list.

Step Four: Click the appropriate benchmark to associate a specific benchmark with the assignment score.

Step Five: Click the "OK" button to complete the process or click the "Close" button to discard changes.

Helpful Tip: Head to Scores > Standards and Benchmarks to review standards and benchmarks associated with specific courses.

Fun Fact: When attaching multiple assignments to a benchmark, jmc will calculate the result using the weights of benchmarks and assignments set on this page by clicking a benchmark or assignment and adjusting its weight.

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