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Update students by grade level for Minnesota schools
Update students by grade level for Minnesota schools

Update student data by grade level in jmc for accurate state reporting through Minnesota Ed-Fi.

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Ensure accurate state reporting by updating student data through the "Update Students by Grade Level" tool in jmc Office for seamless submission via Minnesota Ed-Fi. Simply select the grade level, submit the associated records, and fix any errors indicated in the summary report for a smooth data update process.

Log in to jmc Office and navigate to Minnesota > Ed-Fi > Update Students By Grade Level to select a grade level and submit student data to the MDE.

Step One: Select a grade level from the "Grade(s)" drop-down list to narrow the range of student data submitted.

Step Two: Click the "MN Ed-Fi Update Students by Grade Level" button to send student data to the MDE for the selected grade level.

Step Three: Fix any errors displayed on the "Update Students by Grade Level Summary" report and repeat steps one and two until all data is successfully updated in Ed-Fi.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Print Summary" button to print the summary for reference while fixing data errors or click the "Cancel Summary" button to return to the Minnesota > Ed-Fi > Update Students by Grade Level page.

Step Four: Repeat steps one through three to submit data for each grade level.

Fun Fact: If your submission was successful and error-free, move on to creating and submitting new MARSS A and B files to continue the state reporting process.

Helpful Tip: For additional support, send your error summaries to for help diagnosing and fixing errors.

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