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Wisconsin End Year: Checklist tab
Wisconsin End Year: Checklist tab

It's time to submit your WISEdata for end of year reporting! Follow the checklist to ensure you don't miss a step in your reporting process.

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jmc has developed a checklist to help you successfully submit WISEdata information and correct any errors at the end of the school year. To make your final state reporting submissions easy the "Checklist" tab includes a concise list of tasks needing to be done at the end of the year in order to ensure accurate and timely WISEdata reporting.

The first step in submitting end of year state reporting in Wisconsin is to follow the

instructions on the "Checklist" tab located in jmc Office under Wisconsin > WISEdata > End Year.

Step One: Give all seniors a graduation date as well as HS Completion Credential of "R" (regular diploma) by heading to Edit > Mass Change Fields at the district level.

Helpful Tip: After completing each item on the checklist, return to Wisconsin > WISEdata > End Year and place a checkmark in the checkbox marking it complete.

Step Two: Manually edit the students who will not be graduating using Edit > Student Data and click the "General" tab. Remove the Graduation Date for seniors who will not graduate and edit the Credential for seniors who had credentials other than "R" (Regular Diploma).

Step Three: Establish the exit date and code for all students in a grade level that have not already been exited (dropped) by going to Wisconsin > Year-End > Mass Exit Students.

Step Four: Update all students by heading to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Update Students by Grade Level.

Step Five: Complete all of the steps on the “Checklist” tab and then continue with the tasks in the General tab to finish your end year WISEdata reporting.

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