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Wisconsin: English learner reporting
Wisconsin: English learner reporting

Reporting English Learner (EL) students is an important piece of WISEdata state reporting. Let jmc help report your EL students in a snap.

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Students whose primary home language is not English can be classified as English Learner (EL) students. Language instruction data for EL students are sent to WISEdata as part of a student's school-specific record. The primary purpose of this program is to help ensure that English learners attain English proficiency.

English Learner Data uploaded to WISEdata

In jmc, students have two types of recorded data that are uploaded to the WISEdata portal to indicate they are receiving EL services.

  • The English Language Proficiency Code is set to determine what type of language support services will be provided.

  • A Student Language Instruction Program Association (SLIPA) or Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) record is created with start and end dates.

Assessments used to attain English proficiency

EL students are assessed yearly on their English proficiency. From this assessment comes a student's English Language Proficiency Code. There are two assessment scores used to submit a student's English Language Proficiency score

code. They are the “ACCESS” and “Screener” assessments.

  • Almost all of your student's English Language Proficiency codes are based on the prior year's ACCESS assessment that they took during the prior year in the spring.

  • If a student is a newly-identified English learner, and they did not take the ACCESS assessment in the previous year, their proficiency code should be based on the current year's Screener assessment.

English Language Proficiency Coding

After assessing your EL students, you will enter the information into jmc Office to keep the English Language Proficiency information as up-to-date as possible for the student and the state.

  • Select the student's ELL/LIEP proficiency levels, the assessment they took, the assessment year, how long you have been monitoring their language proficiency, and language program the student is enrolled in.

Programs provided to students

Now that the English Language Proficiency information for a student has been entered, it is time to create a Program History record to define the services being provided to the student. Student language instruction program association (SLIPA) and Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) are the records that are created when a student is receiving EL services.

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