During summer registration, schools will occasionally have students return for the fall semester after they have dropped from enrollment the previous year. In jmc, activating these students is a snap on the View Student Data page. Return them to your enrollment count for the current school year in no time so your school can receive the proper allotment of state funding.

To activate a student, log in to jmc Office and navigate to the View Student Data page.

Step One: Select "All Inactive" from the "Grade" drop-down list to access students that are not currently active in your jmc database.

Step Two: Enter a student's name in the "Find" field to activate a student upon their return to your school.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the "Active", "Attendance", "MARSS", and "MCCC", checkboxes to reenroll this student for the current school year and include their enrollment as part of your report to the state.

Step Four: Click either of the “Save" buttons to return the student to active status in your school.

Fun Fact: Activating students that are returning to your district maintains prior enrollment records and ensures proper reporting to the state.

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