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Creating fall MARSS files

After correcting errors, you're ready to create your fall MARSS files to upload to the Minnesota Department of Education.

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To ensure an accurate submission of fall MARSS (Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System) to the Minnesota Department of Education, it is vital to include key school and student data like attendance, race/ethnicity, and Title 1 information. In jmc Office, you can easily generate the school file (MARSS A file) and the student file (MARSS B file), which contain all the necessary information required for your fall MARSS submission. Once generated, you can proceed to submit these files to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) for review and processing.

In jmc Office, head to Minnesota > MARSS > Capture Fall Files to create your fall MARSS files.

Step One: Select the "MARSS A File" or "MARSS B File" radio button to create a school or student information file.

Step Two: Click the “Create File” button to create your MARSS A file or MARSS B file.

Helpful Tip: When submitting fall files to the MDE, it is crucial to create new MARSS files each time to incorporate any updated information. This ensures that your submission includes the most accurate and up-to-date data available.

Step Three: Submit your MARSS A file and the MARSS B file to the MDE to report your school and student information to the state.

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