MARSS state reporting requires the inclusion of school and student data such as attendance, race/ethnicity, and Title 1 information among several other data points. Quickly and easily create the school ("MARSS A File") and student ("MARSS B File") fall files containing all of the information necessary for MARSS submission and you'll be ready to send them to the MDE for review.

In jmc Office, head to Minnesota > MARSS > Capture Fall Files to create your MARSS files.

Step One: Select the "MARSS A File" or "MARSS B File" radio button to create a school or student information file.

Step Two: Click the “Create File” button to create the specified file.

Helpful Tip: Create new files each time you submit fall files to include any updated information for your MDE submission.

Step Three: Submit the "MARSS A File" and the "MARSS B File" to the MDE to report school and student information to the state.

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