Office professionals have the ability to review and submit responses right from jmc Office. Maintaining up-to-date digital equity records in jmc Office helps provide the state with the information they need to provide technology access to areas of need.

Head to the View Student Data page and click the "Digital Equity" tab to update digital equity information for a student or to review responses after they have been submitted via the jmc Family portal.

Step One: Enter a student's name in the "Find" field to begin editing digital equity information for the selected student.

Step Two: Click the “Add Survey Response” button to add a digital equity record for the selected student.

Helpful Tip: Head to the View Student Data page and associate a primary contact to a student in order to activate the “Add Survey Response” button.

Step Three: Click the “Edit” button to edit responses to the digital equity questionnaire.

Step Four: Select the appropriate digital equity responses from the drop-down lists in the "Digital Equity Survey Responses" box to indicate the selected student's access to technology.

Step Five: Click the “Update” button to save this digital equity record or click the “Cancel” button to discard your changes.

Helpful Tip: A pop-up message will alert you to an incorrect answer combination and provide guidance to make this record reportable.

Step Six: Click the "Save" button to save the digital equity record.

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