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Update Minnesota Ed-Fi Settings
Update Minnesota Ed-Fi Settings

Updating Ed-Fi settings enables your school's jmc site to communicate with the MDE via your client key and secret.

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Updating your school's Ed-Fi settings in jmc Office is crucial for establishing seamless communication with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). By configuring the Ed-Fi settings, entering your school's "Client Key" and "Client Secret," and enabling Ed-Fi interchanges, you can ensure a reliable and secure data exchange between your school's jmc site and the MDE. The updated settings allow for efficient sharing of data and compliance with state reporting requirements.

Head to File > Administrator Options in jmc Office to update your Ed-Fi Settings.

Step One: Click the "Ed-Fi Settings" link, which will open a new window in your internet browser, displaying the Ed-Fi Settings page where you can configure the necessary options.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "Enable Ed-Fi Interchanges" checkbox to turn on the Ed-Fi Interchanges between jmc and the MDE.

Fun Fact: The jmc Tech Support Team will enter the new API and Authentication URLs in the appropriate fields to connect to the MDE server when they are made available by the MDE.

Step Three: Enter the new production "Client Key" and "Client Secret" obtained during the ESCT process in the appropriate fields.

Step Four: Select "Production Environment" using the Implementation Status drop-down list to change the environment from Staging to Production, enabling live data exchanges.

Step Five: Click the "Save" button to update your Ed-Fi settings.

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