You completed the end-of-the-year checklist! Woohoo! Now it's time to complete the steps listed on the "General" tab. Similar to the "During the School Year" process, the "General" tab allows you to submit general school information such as grading periods, course offerings, and teacher sections.

To begin your end-year reporting process, log in to jmc Office under Nebraska > Adviser > End Year and click the "General" tab.

Step One: Click the "Update Calendar" button in the "General" tab to check for errors before submitting your data.

Step Two: Fix any displayed errors to allow a successful upload to the NDE.

Step Three: Re-click the "Update Calendar" button in the "General" tab again after errors are fixed to begin uploading your data.

Helpful Tip: Repeat Steps One through Three until all errors are fixed.

Step Four: Repeat Steps One through Three for each remaining "Update" button on the "General" tab, working through the buttons from top to bottom.

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