A key feature of the Competency Based Grading module is the calculation options. The versatility of jmc's CBG calculation options allow teachers of any philosophy to put best practice into action! Whether calculating CBG results to a course grade or reporting CBG results to a standard based report card, these calculation options will help you give students the feedback they need to move learning forward!

Head to Competency Based Grading > Define Formative Assessments to utilize the following calculation options:

# of High Scores

This option will calculate the average of the highest x scores. For example, if you assess a learning target 5 times and you are taking the average of the highest 2 scores and the highest 2 scores are 3 and 4, the calculated student score would be 3.5. Want to take the highest score? Enter a "1" in the field and jmc will calculate the average of the highest "1" score.

Most Recent Scores

Probably the most popular calculation option in standard-based grading is the "Most Recent Scores" option. It is perfect for teachers that want to provide feedback along the way but display the most recent evidence of learning on the report card. This option will calculate an average of the most recent x scores. Want to take the most recent score? Enter a "1" in the field and jmc will calculate the average of the most recent "1" score.

Decaying Average (%)

In a blend of philosophical approaches, the decaying average option allows teachers to apply a level of value to early evidence of learning while placing the emphasis on the most recent evidence. Decaying averages use a formula to apply more weight to recent performance while including results from first attempts in the average. For example if a learning target is assessed 5 times and the decaying average percentage is set to 80, the calculated result will include 80 percent of the most recent score while applying the average of the other 4 assessments to account for 20 percent of result.

Proficiency Target #

Some standard based practices include the philosophical approach that a student should be deemed proficient at the end of the term if they have met a targeted proficiency a set number of times on formative assessments throughout the term. Place a checkmark in the "proficiency target" checkbox when creating the proficiency scale to identify the targeted proficiency level. Then, when utilizing this option, enter the number of times a student must meet the targeted proficiency in the "Calculate Options" box to define the proficiency. Summative course grade or standard assessment will calculate to the targeted proficiency once a student meets it. If the set number of proficiencies have not been reached, the calculated result is the average of the attempts.

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