For many years educators have relied on points and percentages to help them determine their students' final course grades. The traditional gradebook is included in jmc's comprehensive grading solution toolbox. Teachers can create categories and assignments, set grade cutoffs according to percentages, apply weights and score student work. Let jmc do the calculation so you can focus on student learning!

In jmc Teacher, head to the Scores page to utilize the following features:

Organize Your Gradebook

  • Create grading categories and assign them a color to easily sort assignments.

  • Name categories by assignment type such as "Tests", "Quizzes" or "Homework".

  • Name categories by standard or unit to organize assignments accordingly.

  • Create multiple assignments that live under each category.

  • Provide a name, date and description to easily identify assignments in the gradebook.

  • Easily view all of your categories and assignments on the "Categories and Assignments" page.

Utilize Calculation Options

  • A variety of calculation options allows teachers to arrive at a summative course grade that fits their teaching philosophy.

  • Utilize category weights, total points or the logic rule to calculate a course grade.

  • Weight assignments for categories equally, according to points or define weights by each individual assessment.

  • Create "Extra Credit" categories that are calculated separately from the other categories without hurting an average.

  • Create "Stand-alone" categories that act as an assignment and a category at the same time! Perfect for factoring end of term assessments.

  • Utilize a variety of special calculation options that include the ability to automatically drop low scores, calculate an average using most recent scores or calculate from a decaying average.

Provide Feedback to your Students

  • Score student work in an easy to navigate scoring grid on the Assignment Scores page.

  • Add a note to a student score to provide insight into the score's determination.

  • Save time in data entry by automatically filling score columns when all students earn the same amount of points.

  • Utilize symbols to provide students and families insight on exempt scores, late work, missing work and work that has been handed in with a pending grade.

  • Sort students, hide inactive students or show one student at a time to make for easy input.

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