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Enter a student's logical building
Enter a student's logical building

Simplify student assignment to state-defined building levels for accurate reporting in districts with a single PK-12 building.

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jmc Office provides a straightforward solution for users in school districts that use a single building for all grade levels, PK-12, enabling them to assign students to state-defined building levels, often referred to as logical buildings. This functionality plays a crucial role in reporting at elementary, middle school, and high school levels for school accountability purposes.

To change the building number for all students in a grade level, head to Edit > Mass Change Fields in jmc Office.

Step One: Select "Building Number" from the "Change" drop-down list to change the building number for a group of students.

Step Two: Enter the state assigned building number in the "new value" field to associate a building number with the selected group of students.

Step Three: Select a grade from the "grade level" drop-down list to apply the change to all students in a specific grade.

Step Four: Select "overwrite it" from the "If a student already has a value in the field" drop-down list to replace any existing building numbers with the new value.

Step Five: Select "Change Active and Inactive Students" from the "Active Status" drop-down list to apply the changes to all students in your database.

Step Six: Click the "Find Students" button to view the number of students to which this change will apply.

Step Seven: Click the "Update Students" button to apply building number changes to the View Student Data page for all students in the selected grade level.

Helpful Tip: Need to change the building number for an individual student? Head to that student's View Student Data page, select the appropriate building from the "State Reporting Building" drop-down list and click the "Save" button to change the logical building for an individual student.

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