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Course based Wisconsin CTE course setup
Course based Wisconsin CTE course setup

The Wisconsin DPI continues to value Career and Technical Education. Here's how schools can communicate CTE course offerings with the DPI!

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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction partners with public schools to provide students with opportunities to learn skills through the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. With jmc, schools can fulfill their end of the partnership by associating courses with a CTE program through an Ed-Fi code. Entering an Ed-Fi CTE course code during course setup provides common language for jmc to communicate with the DPI to ensure smooth CTE state reporting.

CTE data elements are found on the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page.

Step One: Enter the name of the course to be edited in the "Find" field to edit CTE information for the course.

Step Two: Click the “State Specific Course” tab to access the course CTE data elements.

Step Three: Select the course code from the “State Course Code" drop-down

list to associate the appropriate Ed-Fi CTE course with the selected jmc course.

Helpful Tip: Enter all or part of the Ed-Fi course title or the state course code in the "State Course Code" drop-down list to find a state course code.

Fun Fact: The Ed-Fi course description associated with the CTE course is listed on the "Description" tab of the Edit Course Data page for easy reference.

Step Four: Select the appropriate pathway from the "CTE Career Pathway" drop-down list to specify multiple career pathways for the course.

Step Five (optional): Enter the number of credits associated with the course in the "College Course Credits" field if the course is a dual credit course.

Step Six (optional): Select the appropriate program from the "Alternative Education Program" drop-down list if the course is associated with an alternative education program.

Step Seven (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Academic Service Learning" checkbox if the course is part of a service learning program.

Step Eight: Click the “Save” button to update the course record or navigate away from the page without saving to discard your changes.

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