Wisconsin recognizes that not all CTE opportunities directly correspond with a course in school. With the "Programs" tab on the View Student Data page in jmc Office, users have the ability to record non-course based career technical education opportunities for individual students to track progress through a CTE program even if the learning is not tied to a course. Maintain all CTE records for students including non-course based records right in jmc Office!

Start creating a Non-Course Based CTE record by heading to the View Student Data page.

Step One: Enter a student's name in the "Find" field to begin editing non-course based CTE records for the selected student.

Step Two: Click the “Programs” tab to view, add and edit program history records.

Step Three: Click the “Add Row” button to create a CTE program history record.

Step Four: Click the “Edit” button to begin entering program history information for the selected student.

Step Five: Select either the "Certified Career Education Program” or "Non-Certified Career Education Program” designation from the drop-down list to denote that the student is enrolled in a Certified Career Education Program.

  • For "Certified Career Education Program" entries, select the "Certified Career Education Program" and the "Certificated Program Status" from the appropriate drop-down lists to add details to the record.

  • For "Non Certified Career Education Program" entries, select the appropriate program from "Non Certified Career Education Program" drop-down list to add details to the record.

Step Six: Enter a date in the "Begin Date" and "End Date" fields to select a start date for the CTE program and the date the CTE course was completed or simply click the "Calendar" icon.

Step Seven: Click the “Update” button to save the Non-Course Based CTE record or click the "Cancel" button to discard changes.

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