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Save time and keep your records up-to-date with online registration
Save time and keep your records up-to-date with online registration

Get ready for a successful registration season and check off all the setup steps to ensure you're maximizing jmc's Online Registration.

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Online school registration increases school-family collaboration because it allows families in your district to complete the registration process whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them, increasing the likelihood you’ll receive complete, current information

Why online registration?

It saves you valuable time because it directly enters all the demographic, contact, and health information from their registration into your jmc database, ensuring you always have up-to-date information when you need it.

And online registration gets school-family communication started before a new school year even begins. Instead of mailing documents home and hoping they are opened, families can receive important information like school handbooks, policy changes, and district announcements as they register.

A checklist for success!

With online registration, jmc makes school-family collaboration a simple process from day one. Follow the steps in this checklist to make sure you’re maximizing the benefits online registration has to offer.

Turn off online registration before you update your process

Before updating online registration for the upcoming year, turn it off so families don’t have access. Leaving it on can lead to extra work and stress later.

Use jmc’s registration messages to keep families informed

jmc's Office Message Center allows front office staff to easily communicate school closings, upcoming events, and more via email, text, or voicemail.

  • Whatever message you need families to read, easily post them in online registration

  • Add instructions for the next steps when families finish

Customize the student general information fields

When it comes to registration, there is no one-size-fits-all template that will work for every school. Instead, customize what information you ask families to complete and you’ll ensure you’re getting the right information for your needs.

Customize questions about students’ health

We know your student's health is a top priority, so jmc makes it simple to stay up-to-date on student medications and health conditions. Now you can ask health-specific questions during registration and then run reports on those answers later, and family submissions are integrated into the Health module for use by health professionals.

Upload forms for families to sign

Confirming that families have signed and completed all the forms needed for registration can be a hassle. Now families are able to sign and acknowledge forms you have created and uploaded to jmc Office as they register for the school year.

Families just download and sign the forms in jmc Family. The electronic signatures are stored for querying and future reference, making future auditing a less complicated process.

▢ Upload forms for families to download

Have a computer use policy, a course description booklet, or a school handbook that you'd like to provide families? No problem! jmc lets you upload these to your registration process so families can have quick access to them online.

Don’t forget: Turn online registration back on

After all your hard work customizing the registration process for your school, make sure families are able to use it!

▢ Review registrations as they come in from families

Tired of wading through incomplete registration forms and spending hours trying to track down families to finish them? With online registration, now you don’t have to!

As families complete online registration, review submissions for completion and accuracy and accept or reject them. Families can then be notified through email if they haven’t finished all or part of the registration. And that’s just the start!

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