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Submitting CTE records to your WISEdata portal
Submitting CTE records to your WISEdata portal

Submitting CTE records with the WISEdata portal helps ensure that your district receives the proper Perkins funding.

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Now that students have been assigned to CTE programs and you have created concentrator records for the appropriate students, it's time to share your data with the state. With jmc, schools can share CTE data by grade level, student or course depending on your situation. Provide the DPI with the information they need to grant the appropriate Perkins funding to your school with jmc and the WISEdata portal.

When all student CTE records are complete in jmc Office, you can submit them in bulk with the Update Students by Grade Level option in jmc Office. Submitting CTE records in bulk is the most common and efficient way to send CTE data to the DPI.

Head to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Update Students by Grade Level to send CTE data to the DPI in bulk.

Step One: Select the individual grade level or "All Grades" from the "Grade(s)" drop-down list to narrow the range of student data to send to DPI.

Step Two: Click the "WISEdata Update Students by Grade Level" button to send the selected grade level(s) data to the DPI.

Fun Fact: All students in the selected grade level will be updated in WISEdata eliminating the need for separately reporting course-based and non course-based students.

Helpful Tip: Double check the data that was updated through the WISEdata portal by viewing the information displayed after the update to make sure all intended student data was reported.

As students are completing their CTE courses, you can upload their progress through the CTE program individually. If there are only a few individual student CTE records to upload to the DPI, the "Update Student" feature might be the simplest and most effective way to get that data to the state.

Head to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Update Student

Step One: Select the student from the "WISEdata Update Student" drop-down list to update an individual record.

Fun Fact: The selected student's "WISEid" and "StuRefNum" will automatically populate in the corresponding fields.

Step Two: Click the "WISEdata Update Student" button to update the CTE record for the selected student in the WISEdata portal.

Helpful Tip: Speed up the upload process by using the "Update Student" feature when you only have a few student CTE records to update.

When an entire section of CTE students has completed a course, you can use the "Update Course" feature to update all student records associated with that course to the DPI at one time. The "Update Course" feature allows you to focus on one completed CTE course at a time without uploading unnecessary student records.

Select the appropriate jmc building from the "Building" drop-down list and head to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Update Course

Step One: Select the jmc course from the "Find" drop-down list to upload data for a selected course.

Fun Fact: The "Course #" and "Course Name" fields will automatically populate when you select a course from the "Find" drop-down list indicating the jmc course you have selected.

Step Two: Click the "WISEdata Update Course" button to update student CTE records associated with the selected course.

Fun Fact: This WISEdata option will update a course and its associated course sections, staff section associations, student section associations along with student grades in the WISEdata portal to complete the record for the DPI.


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