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Understanding Wisconsin learning modalities
Understanding Wisconsin learning modalities

jmc works with the DPI by tracking student modality of learning to ensure students are receiving either remote or in-person education.

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With today's ever changing learning environments, the modality of student learning could vary from in-person, to remote to a combination of the two. jmc helps schools and state departments keep track of how students are receiving their education (aka the learning modality) by breaking up the process into three simple stages to ensure that students receive the proper resources needed for their education.

Defining Learning Modalities

A learning modality is how a student is receiving their education whether full time in-person, remote, or a combination thereof. With jmc, learning modalities are defined by the state and pulled into your jmc database for you to enter the name of the program, the percentage of time students spend "in-person" or "remote" learning and the name of the learning modality. Head to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Learning Modality Programs to define learning modalities for your district with two great features!

  • Get Modality Program Definitions from WISEdata: Automatically import the modality definitions used by your state with the click of a button.

  • Print or Export: Print a list of the learning modalities offered by your school or export your list to a CSV file for your reference.

Assigning a Learning Modality

After learning modalities are defined in jmc Office, students are assigned a learning modality to indicate whether they are receiving in-person, online or a combination of online and in-person education. With jmc, make quick work of assigning learning modalities to individual students or large groups of students at one time. Utilize the ProgHist tab, Tags and Mass Change fields to update student learning modalities if they differ from the default designation of "Full-Time In-Person".

  • ProgHist tab: The "ProgHist" tab on the View Student Page allows you to create a learning modality record for an individual student. All changes to individual student modalities are handled on the ProgHist tab.

  • Tags: A/B tags are utilized for identifying students attending school a combination of 50/50 "In-person/"Remote".

  • Mass Change Fields: In jmc Office the Edit > Mass Change Fields allows users to change a learning modality for an entire grade.

Running district and state learning modality reports

A variety of reports in jmc provide you with the ability to monitor student learning environments and seamlessly report all required information to the state with just a few clicks. jmc will automatically report your learning modality information as a part of the general student information reporting process so there is no additional process for reporting learning modality information!

  • "Program History" item in Student Lists: Create a list with the Student Lists feature that includes the "Common" items of student name, grade and the "Learning Modality" item listed under "ProgHist".

  • WISEdata: The Wisconsin > WISEdata reports package learning modality data in the "Update Students by Grade Level" and "Update Student" data exports automatically so there are no extra steps for reporting learning modality data!

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