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Defining Minnesota early education subgroups
Defining Minnesota early education subgroups

Define grade 0 subgroups in jmc Office to streamline early education identification and funding eligibility.

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A grade 0 subgroup in jmc Office distinguishes students involved in different early education programs to streamline early education identification and data sharing with the state. Label early education students with the appropriate state-defined "Preschool Group" code on the "Edit School Data" page to designate the subgroup for early education students, ensuring the easy identification of students that are eligible for early education funding.

Go to Minnesota > MARSS > Edit School Data to define grade 0 subgroups in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the “Edit" link next to the grade 0 subgroup you've designated for early education students (for example "EC" or "KA") to begin creating a preschool subgroup.

Step Two: Select "Preschool" from the "PK/KG" drop-down list to indicate an early education grade level.

Step Three (optional): Enter the appropriate code in the "Title 1" field to identify the subgroup as receiving Title 1 funding.

Helpful Tip: Leave the "Kindergarten Indicator" blank when defining preschool subgroups to avoid state reporting errors.

Step Four: Select the appropriate preschool group from the "Preschool Groups" drop-down list to indicate the early education program associated with the subgroup.

Step Five: Click the “Update" link to save your group designation or click the “Cancel” link discard your group.

Step Six: Repeat steps one through five as needed to designate all early education subgroups in your school.

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