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Mass assign CTE Programs to students in Wisconsin
Mass assign CTE Programs to students in Wisconsin

Designate student Career and Technical Education participants as a group by course section enrollment in jmc Office.

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Wisconsin schools offer high school students the opportunity to get a jump start on their career by participating in Career and Technical Education programs. This translates to a fantastic opportunity for students but also means state-required tracking and reporting of participation, so jmc built tools to make record keeping flexible and easy, allowing schools to spend more time and energy providing quality educational services and less time tracking and reporting data.

After students have completed a course with a CTE designation, the "Mass Assign CTE Programs to a Student" feature allows you to create CTE records for all students scheduled into the course with just a few clicks!

To mark all students in a course as CTE Participants, go to Schedules > Student > Mass Create Student Section Programs.

Step One: Enter a grade level range in the "From" and "To" drop-down lists to narrow the range of students you are assigning a CTE Participant designation.

Step Two: Select a term from the "Term" drop-down list to filter CTE courses by term.

Step Three: Select a teacher from the "Teacher" drop-down list to filter CTE courses by teacher.

Step Four: Select the appropriate program designation from the "Program Type" drop-down list to filter CTE courses by certified, non-certified, dual enrollment or world language status.

Step Five: Select a CTE program from the "Program" drop-down list to filter CTE courses.

Helpful Tip: Don't see the CTE program you need? Head to the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page to add one.

Step Six: Select a course section from the "Available Course Sections with Programs Associated and Students Enrolled" box to select students in that course section.

Step Seven: Click the "Mass Create Student Program Records" button to assign the selected students as CTE Participants in the associated program(s).

Fun Fact: The "Student List" box will list students in the selected course section and will indicate whether the program has already been assigned to the student for that section.

Helpful Tip: The mass assign process marks all students in the course section as having completed requirements for participation in the CTE program. Were students included that did not complete required CTE coursework? Head to Schedules > Student > Edit Schedules to update individual student records to reflect the correct CTE participation.

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