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Setting up college courses in jmc
Setting up college courses in jmc

Local high school college courses, facilitated through postsecondary institutions, are configured in jmc for Minnesota state reporting.

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High schools offering college courses through articulation agreements, dual or concurrent enrollment, or PSEO can configure these courses in jmc to ensure accurate MCCC reporting data. By associating college course codes and names with a course in jmc, all relevant information is submitted to the state during the reporting process.

To set up articulation agreement, dual-concurrent enrollment, or PSEO college courses in jmc Office, head to the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page.

Step One: Select the course to be edited by entering the course name or course number in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Enter the name of the college course in the "Alternative Course Name" field to submit college course data to MCCC if reporting via Ed-Fi.

Helpful Tip: Match the "Alternative Course Name" field with the exact college course title to correctly list a college course in jmc.

Step Three: Navigate to the "State Specific Course" tab and select the appropriate course code from the "State Course Code" drop-down list to associate it with the selected course.

Step Four: Navigate to the "MCCC" tab and select the appropriate student record type from the "Record Type" drop-down list to define the course as PSEO or part of an articulated agreement.

Step Five: Select "Articulation agreement" (A), "Dual-concurrent enrollment" (D), or "Not applicable" (X) from the "Course Level" drop-down list to define your courses. Then fill out the appropriate fields highlighted below.

  • Articulation agreement: select "1" from the "Record Type" drop-down list and "A" from the "Course Level" drop-down list

  • Dual-concurrent enrollment: select "1" from the "Record Type" drop-down list and "D" from the Course Level drop-down list

  • PSEO: select "4" from the "Record Type" drop-down list, "X" from the "Course Level" drop-down list and "None" from the "Standard Addressed" drop-down list

Step Six: Enter the first 6 digits of the OPE ID in the "College Code" field to identify the college your school is partnering with.

Step Seven: Enter the course code assigned by the college in the "College Course Code" field to associate the jmc course with the college course.

Helpful Tip: Wondering what your college course codes should look like? The “College Course Code” begins with the letters of the department offering the course followed by the course numbers that are used to identify the course, for example "Math151."

Step Eight: Click the "Save" button to update your college course data.

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