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MCCC reporting via Minnesota Ed-Fi
MCCC reporting via Minnesota Ed-Fi

jmc's new Ed-Fi tools allow users to ditch the file based method for state reporting in favor of a more streamlined approach.

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Minnesota Common Course Catalogue (MCCC) state reporting is transitioning away from a file based reporting system to the more dynamic Ed-Fi platform. With jmc's Ed-Fi reporting tools, schools will no longer need to download files from jmc and upload them to a state website, streamlining the way they submit data to the state. Simply edit school, course and student information according to Ed-Fi specifications and report them to the state right from jmc Office with just a few clicks! MCCC reporting via Ed-Fi is composed of the following three key components:

Ed-Fi Settings

As Minnesota MCCC transitions to Ed-Fi for the 2022-2023 school year, selected beta tester schools will be allowed to configure Ed-Fi settings in jmc to set the wheels in motion for Ed-Fi MCCC reporting. Configuring Ed-Fi settings enables users to avoid the hassle of file based MCCC reporting in favor of the free flowing Ed-Fi system!

  • Enable MCCC Ed-Fi Data Collection: beta tester schools can enable MCCC data collection via Ed-Fi simply by placing a checkmark on the Administrator Options page in jmc Office.

Preparing school, course and student data for MCCC reporting via Ed-Fi

Properly configure your school, course, and student information in jmc Office to ensure seamless MCCC reporting via Ed-Fi. Easily enter your data en masse or enter school, course or student records individually to include all appropriate elements for MCCC reporting.

  • Attendance: MCCC reportable school data including bell schedules and instructional minutes is configured in the Attendance module in jmc Office.

  • Edit Course Data: course data elements such as instructional method, instructional language, and course codes make up the course information shared with MCCC during state reporting. These elements are defined on the "State Specific Section" and "State Specific Course" tabs of the Edit Course Data page in jmc Office.

  • View Student Data: Connect your students to the Ed-Fi portal by matching demographic data such as student name, birth date and Student ID on the "General" tab with MCCC student information. Then keep track of student specific enrollment data on the "ProgramHist" tab to report to MCCC.

  • Mass Assign: Assign course or student data that applies to the majority of your courses or students with the Mass Assign Course/Section Data feature and the Mass Change Fields feature to quickly prepare your data for MCCC reporting.

Seamlessly reporting information to the state via Ed-Fi

Once you have enabled your Ed-Fi to MCCC settings and your school, course and student data is entered into jmc, you are ready to report your data to MCCC using the Ed-Fi portal with just a few clicks in jmc! Establish your school's connection to MCCC via Ed-Fi, then update student and course data throughout the year to ease the burden of state reporting!

  • Start Year: Establish your school's connection to MCCC via the Ed-Fi portal with the tabs and checklist items on the Ed-Fi Start Year page in jmc Office.

  • Update Students by Grade Level: Update student records one grade at a time to provide the MDE with access to essential student data!

  • Update Student: Has a student enrolled in your school after your Start Year updates? Simply update an individual student to avoid the time consuming process of updating a full grade level.

  • Delete Student: Delete students from the Ed-Fi portal if they have been erroneously submitted to Ed-Fi from the Delete Student page.

  • Update Course: Update MCCC records for an individual course to add a course to Ed-Fi that might not have been included in the Start Year submission. The Update Course feature is perfect for submitting data for courses you have added during the school year after the Start Year submission.

  • Delete Course: Have a course listed in Ed-Fi that you are no longer using? Remove unnecessary courses from your Ed-Fi portal with the Delete Course feature.

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