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Mass assign MCCC data elements for Ed-Fi reporting
Mass assign MCCC data elements for Ed-Fi reporting

When initially preparing your courses for Ed-Fi reporting, save time setting up your data with the Mass Assign Course/Section Data feature.

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Ed-Fi is sure to save you plenty of time during state reporting. However there are some set up steps to take care of to make sure your data flows smoothly. The Mass Assign Course/Section Data feature streamlines the process of assigning MCCC data elements to your courses so you can avoid entering information into individual courses while preparing your data for Ed-Fi reporting.

In jmc Office head to Schedules > Course > Mass Assign Course/Section Data to assign MCCC data elements to several courses at once.

Step One: Select an MCCC data element from the first drop-down list to apply changes to a specific field within jmc.

Helpful Tip: Mass assign data elements to prepare the majority of your identical courses then go to the Edit Course Data page to manually change any outliers to increase efficiency.

Step Two: Enter new data in the "New Value" field or select the appropriate value from the "New Value" drop-down list to define the new information that will be assigned to the selected MCCC data element.

Helpful Tip: Unsure of the value to enter in "Step Two"? Check out the on-screen prompt in bold to help you choose the proper selection.

Step Three: Select the students from the "grade level" drop-down list to apply changes to all students or students in a specific grade.

Step Four: Click the "Assign Value to Course/Section Data Element" button to apply the mass assigned changes to the appropriate fields on the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page.

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