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Editing Student Schedules
Editing Student Schedules

Add or edit courses, sections, and periods on a student's schedule in jmc Office.

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When you need detailed control over a student's schedule, add or edit courses and corresponding scheduling details in jmc Office to build just what the student needs. The Edit Schedules page allows you to view all courses, sections, and periods available to a student and to add or edit the student's schedule accordingly.

To get started building or reviewing an individual's schedule, head to Schedule > Student > Edit Schedules.

Step One: Enter a student's name or ID in the "Find" field to select the student to register.

Helpful Tip: Select a term from the "Display Term" drop-down list to filter which courses are currently viewable on the page.

Step Two: Select a course from the course drop-down list to add a course to the student's schedule.

Helpful Tip: If you click the "Add Courses" button, click the "Select" link from the pop-up to add the course to the student's schedule and click the "OK" button to confirm and click the "Close" button to disregard the change.

Step Three: Select a class section from the "Section" drop-down list if you want to move the student into a different class section.

Helpful Tip: Select a locking option from the "Lock" drop-down list to insure the student stays in the selected course section when using the jmc Scheduling Aid to balance class sizes.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to save changes you've made to the student's schedule while on this page.

Step Five: Click the "Print" button to print the selected student's schedule.

Step Six (optional): Place a checkmark in the checkbox to the right of the course name and click the "Delete Course(s)" button to remove a course from the student's schedule.

Helpful Tip: Need to delete multiple courses? Place a checkmark in the checkboxes of multiple courses on the student's schedule to select the courses to be deleted or place a checkmark in the checkbox at the top of the column to select all courses.

Fun Fact: If a red circle appears next to a course name, the student has taken that course in a previous term. Click the circle to see when the student previously enrolled in the selected course.

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