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Editing Wisconsin Program History Records
Editing Wisconsin Program History Records

Additional program history information required for specific students is entered on the "ProgramHist" tab in jmc Office.

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To ensure that your school's program history records are up-to-date and meet the latest WISEdata requirements, you may need to provide additional information. Fortunately, updating program records in jmc Office is an easy process that can help you maintain accurate records and simplify program data submission for student participants by editing the following programs records:

  • 5 yr old Blended

  • Career and Technical Education Concentrator

  • Certified Career Education Program

  • Challenge academy

  • Coordinated Early Intervening Services

  • Education for Homeless Children and Youth

  • Learning Modality

  • LIEP - EL

  • Non Certified Career Education Program

  • Parent in Military

  • Section 504 Placement

  • Single Parent

  • SLIPA - EL

Head to View Student Data in jmc Office to add additional information to a program record.

Step One: Select the student to be edited by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click the "Programs" tab to edit the student’s program record.

Step Three: Click the “Edit” button to edit the specified program record.

Step Four: Enter the required information using the appropriate fields and drop-down lists.

Step Five: Click the “Update” button to save any changes made to the student’s program record or click the “Cancel” button to exit.

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