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Import Wisconsin course data from prior year
Import Wisconsin course data from prior year

Start the new school year with having your state reporting fields for WISEdata roster reporting imported from the prior year.

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Getting ready for WISEdata reporting at the beginning of the school year can be a hassle-free process with the help of jmc. By using the Import Course Data feature in jmc Office, import all of the course data from the previous year in just a few clicks. This will ensure that all state-specific course and section details are accurately set up for your courses. Once you've imported the data, you can make any necessary changes or adjustments to ensure accuracy, and you're all set for WISEdata reporting!

Head to Schedules > Course > Import Course Data to import course data from the prior year.

Step One: Click the “Start Import” button to import WISEdata course information from the previous year’s jmc data to the current year if the course name, number and course section ID match.

Fun Fact: To save time and prevent data entry errors, the following course data elements will be imported from the previous year:

  • State Course Code

  • Long Course Name

  • College Credit Earned

  • Equivalency

  • World Language

  • Alternative Education Program

  • Career Pathways

  • Bilingual ESL

  • ClassroomType

  • Is Distance Education

  • Dual Enroll Credit

  • Is Project Based

  • Is Virtual Online Education

Step Two: Review the "Print Import Summary" to identify any courses that need to be updated.

Step Three: Click the “Print Import Summary” button to print a copy of the Course Import Summary for reference while updating course data.

Step Four: Click the "Cancel Import Summary" button to return to the Import Course Data page.

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