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Import ISASP claim codes into jmc Office
Import ISASP claim codes into jmc Office

jmc streamlines the import of ISASP claim codes, facilitating easy access to student assessment scores via the ISASP portal.

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jmc Office provides a simplified procedure for importing ISASP claim codes, which facilitates administrators in sharing these crucial codes with families. Upon importing these claim codes, families can readily access their students' assessment scores via the ISASP portal. The import process is user-friendly, requiring a match of student data, selection of suitable student ID parameters, and an upload of the ISASP Claim Code file. Once the import is completed, the claim codes become visible on the View Student Data page and can be accessed by families through the jmc Family portal.

To import your ISASP claim codes into jmc Office, go to Grading > Test Scores > Import ISASP Claim Codes.

Step One: Place a checkmark in the "First Name", "Last Name", "Birth Date" and/or "Student ID" checkboxes to define the criteria for matching student data from the ISASP file with student data in jmc.

Helpful Tip: Selecting multiple criteria increases the likelihood of achieving a precise match between the ISASP file and student data within the jmc system. This helps ensure accurate alignment of student records and facilitates seamless integration of ISASP data into jmc.

Step Two (optional): Choose between the "jmc Student ID" or "State ID" radio buttons to select the type of student ID you want to use for matching purposes when utilizing the "Student ID" matching criteria.

Helpful Tip: If you encounter difficulties in importing ISASP claim codes to the correct students, you can utilize the error report feature to identify and resolve import errors that may arise from mismatched student data between jmc and the ISASP file.

Step Three: Click the "Choose File" button and navigate to the location on your computer where you have downloaded the ISASP Claim Code file from Pearson Access to upload student claim codes into jmc.

Step Four: Click the "Start Import" button to initiate the import process of ISASP claim codes from your computer into jmc Office.

Fun Fact: Imported ISASP claim codes can be viewed in the "General" tab of the View Student Data page in jmc Office and by families in the jmc Family portal to easily find students' ISASP assessment results.

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