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Import enrollment history from a prior year
Import enrollment history from a prior year

Maintaining ongoing enrollment records from one year to the next is simple with jmc's import enrollment history from a prior year feature.

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Importing student enrollment history records from a previous year in jmc streamlines attendance and enrollment updates for state reporting. It creates current-year records and eliminates the need to manually update individual student details, including resident district, county, and foster care status.

Depending on the state where your school is located, please use the file path below to begin updating your enrollment history records:

  • Minnesota: navigate to Minnesota > MARSS > Update Status from Last EOY

  • Iowa: go to Iowa > SRI > Import Enrollment History from Prior Year

  • Wisconsin Choice: visit Wisconsin > Enrollment History > Import Enrollment History from Prior Year

  • Nebraska: Access Nebraska > Enrollment History > Import Enrollment History from Prior Year

Step One: Click the “Import” (Iowa/Nebraska/Wisconsin Choice) or "Proceed to Update Students" (Minnesota) button to update the current-year enrollment history for each student with the latest information from the previous school year.

Fun Fact: Need to review or edit enrollment records after the import? Head to the "Enrollment" (Iowa/Nebraska/Wisconsin Choice) or the "MARSS" (Minnesota) tab of the View Student Data page to view and edit records imported from the prior year.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Details about Importing Enrollment History" (Iowa/Nebraska/Wisconsin Choice) or "Details about Update MARSS Data from Prior year" (Minnesota) link in the "Quick Links" section to view additional information and instructions related to enrollment history records.

Step Two: Click the "Print Import Summary" button to print a list of the updated "Active", "Attendance", "State Reporting" and "Enrollment" records and click the "Cancel Import Summary button to return to the previous page.

Helpful Tip: Use the "Drop Student", "Add Student", or "Re-enter Student" features to update all enrollment changes that occur after the start of the school year to ensure complete enrollment records for state reporting purposes.

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