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Understanding Minnesota Perkins reporting in jmc
Understanding Minnesota Perkins reporting in jmc

Maximize Perkins grant resources with jmc's Perkins tools for efficient tracking and reporting of CTE enrollment and student proficiency.

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The Carl D. Perkins grant is a federal program that provides support for Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Minnesota schools. With the help of jmc, your school can efficiently manage Perkins program and course codes, track student success in Perkins courses, and submit Perkins files to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). jmc offers three tools to facilitate these processes: entering Perkins program and course codes, reviewing Perkins student and course data, and submitting Perkins files. By utilizing these tools, schools can effectively participate in the Perkins program and maximize its resources to benefit their students.

Entering Carl Perkins program and course codes

jmc's Perkins tools simplify the assignment of program and course codes to CTE courses funded by the Carl D. Perkins grant, enabling the tracking of enrollment and proficiency in the statewide program. These tools make it easy for users to assign Perkins program and course codes to jmc courses, allowing the Minnesota Department of Education to recognize jmc course and student records as part of a CTE program.

Reviewing your Perkins student and course data

To ensure accurate reporting and maintain funding, schools can review their Perkins data by running a Perkins report in jmc. The Carl Perkins Report provides a comprehensive list of students associated with CTE courses, including course grades and other data elements collected by the MDE, allowing for easy review and reference prior to submission.

Submitting your Perkins files

Schools receiving Perkins grant funding must report student enrollment and proficiency in CTE courses. After reviewing your Perkins report, you can easily submit your Perkins file to the MDE. The "Carl Perkins File" created in jmc Office contains all the necessary data elements for reporting CTE records to the state and can be generated for individual students or the entire school with just a few clicks.

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