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Managing staff data with jmc's STAR module
Managing staff data with jmc's STAR module

Use jmc's STAR module to house your staff data and simplify yearly STAR reporting with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

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Minnesota schools responsible for reporting students on their MARSS reports are also required to annually complete the STAR (Staff Automated Report) with the MDE. STAR involves reporting licensed and non-licensed staff information, including their assignments. jmc's STAR module simplifies the process by enabling you to organize staff credentials, list assignments, and align assignment codes to courses. This data can be easily validated and exported, streamlining your submission to the MDE.

Licensed Staff

Ensure compliance with Minnesota STAR reporting requirements by updating all licensed staff members in jmc Office, maintaining comprehensive employment records for the Licensed Employment Report (LA). This data will be vital for sharing with the MDE during STAR reporting.

  • The Licensed Staff page: utilize existing demographic data from jmc teacher records and add employment information with help from the MDE STAR Coding Manual from the "Licensed Staff" page in the STAR module.

Staff Assignments

Your school's STAR report also includes a "Licensed Assignment" report (LB) that links your licensed staff with their areas of assignment, such as history, school nurse, or principal. The "Staff Assignment" page allows you to maintain a list of assignments associated with licensed staff for easy MDE STAR reporting.

  • Assignment Code drop-down list: a comprehensive assignment code drop-down list to help you appropriately assign courses or other assignments requiring licensure to your staff for STAR reporting purposes.

Non-Licensed Staff

Don't forget that your STAR report should also encompass non-licensed staff members, such as paraprofessionals and instructional aides. To include these employees in your reporting, establish STAR profiles for them on the "Non-licensed Staff" page. This step enables you to generate a non-licensed staff file (NA), which is a necessary component of your STAR reporting obligations.

  • Non-licensed staff data entry: use the appropriate codes from MDE's STAR Coding Manual to provide complete information for each non-licensed staff member who will be listed in your Non-licensed file (NA).

Assignment Codes

To ensure compliance with licensure requirements and accurate reporting in jmc, assign licensure codes to each of your courses. This practice helps designate an appropriately licensed staff member as the instructor for each course, aligning with the specific area of licensure associated with that course.

  • Assignment Code field: a six digit code defined by the MDE that associates assignments requiring licensure with a course in jmc.

  • Description: a course description listed by the MDE that automatically populates when an assignment code is listed with a course.

Import Course Data

After you've determined the assignment code for each course in jmc, the next step is to import your course data. This import process will automatically generate assignment data for each licensed staff member, simplifying the preparation for your STAR licensed staff data submission.

Validate Data

jmc's STAR module offers a valuable feature that allows you to validate your data before submitting it to the MDE. On the "Validate Data" page within jmc Office, you can thoroughly review your licensed staff, licensed staff assignment, and non-licensed staff data for any errors or discrepancies that could potentially hinder the successful submission of your files.

Capture Files

Simplify your STAR reporting process with jmc by effortlessly generating the necessary files. To create your "Licensed Staff Employment" (LA), "Licensed Staff" Assignment (LB), or "Non-Licensed Staff" (NA) file, just select the corresponding radio button on the Capture Files page. Create each file type for uploading to the state to ensure full staffing compliance.

Print Data

Use the STAR module's "Print Data" page to compile your staffing reports in an easy to read format. Select one or more file types to preview, and print your staff report for easy reference.

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