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Creating Minnesota early childhood screening records
Creating Minnesota early childhood screening records

Create student data records for students who have completed early childhood screening in order to accurately report them to the MDE.

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jmc Office has all the tools you need to accurately document and report students who have completed their early childhood screening, whether or not they are enrolled at your school. Once a student has been added to your school's jmc site using the New Student Wizard, simply locate the student on the "View Student Data" page and complete the appropriate information on the student's MARSS tab to include the early childhood screening record in your MARSS reporting.

Head to the "View Student Data" page and click the MARSS tab to create an early childhood screening record.

Step One: Enter the student's name in the "Find" field to begin creating an early childhood screening record for the selected student.

Step Two: Click the "Edit" button associated with an enrollment record on the MARSS tab to begin entering the appropriate early childhood screening information.

Step Three: Enter the appropriate information in the following fields to accurately indicate the record as early childhood screening:

  • Grade Level: enter the grade level "PS" to designate an early childhood screening record

  • Sp Ed Eval Stat: Enter "1" in the Special Education Evaluation Status field to indicate that a special education evaluation has not been completed yet

  • State Aid Category: enter the appropriate state aid code 41-45 as required by the MDE

  • Status End Code: enter the appropriate status end code 61-66, if known, as required by the MDE

Helpful Tip: Consult the MARSS Reference Guide available through the MDE to access more information on state aid and status end codes.

Step Four: Click the "Update" button to save your changes, or click the "Cancel" button to discard them.

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