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Using the Minnesota Student Ed-Fi Lookup tool
Using the Minnesota Student Ed-Fi Lookup tool

Confirm that the state has received updated student records in real time without waiting for the next validation process to be completed.

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Minnesota schools can instantly check if their updated student records have been received by the state using jmc's Ed-Fi Student Lookup tool. As you review and correct errors within student records in jmc and update student records via Ed-Fi, the Ed-Fi Student Lookup tool provides instantaneous feedback regarding the status of the update so you no longer have to wait for the state's validation process to ensure your records have been reported!

To lookup your records in real time, head to Minnesota > Ed-Fi > Ed-Fi Student Look up in jmc Office.

Step One: Enter a student's name in the "Student Ed-Fi Lookup" field or select a student using the drop-down list to begin looking up their record via Ed-Fi.

Fun Fact: The student's MARSS ID and jmc student reference numbers will automatically populate in the "MARSS ID" and "StuRefNum" fields to ensure you've selected the appropriate student.

Step Two: Click the "Student Ed-Fi Lookup" button to start the Ed-Fi lookup process.

Fun Fact: The "Student Ed-Fi Lookup Summary" will appear, displaying any send errors, successfully sent records, and the number of student records found letting you know if the student's record has been received in real time.

Step Three: Click the "Print Summary" button to print a hard copy of your lookup summary for future reference, or click the "Cancel Summary" button to lookup a new student record.

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