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Understanding student Education Savings Account eligibility in jmc
Understanding student Education Savings Account eligibility in jmc

Keep track of students in Iowa non-public schools that receive Education Savings Account (ESA) contributions right in jmc!

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Keep track of qualified non-public students eligible for Iowa's Education Savings Account (ESA) program with jmc. Easily maintain attendance and enrollment records, designate students receiving ESA funds, and generate a CSV file for seamless upload to the IDE's website, ensuring accurate reporting of all ESA-eligible students.

Creating an Enrollment History record

The Iowa Department of Education reviews student enrollment records before distributing ESA funds, and schools can easily generate an enrollment history record, complete with essential details, by adding students using the New Student Wizard.

  • New Student Wizard: Simplify student enrollment using the New Student Wizard, which guides you through entering vital information like student demographics, entry dates with the correct codes, and details about the student's resident district and county, for a complete enrollment history record.


Maintaining precise attendance records in jmc provides the IDE with evidence of the students receiving ESA funds attending your school. Simply record daily attendance using the Attendance or Period Attendance modules to ensure accurate reporting.

  • Attendance: AM/PM student attendance records can be managed directly through the Attendance module in jmc Office.

  • Period Attendance: Share the responsibility of collecting attendance information among teachers and office staff by configuring period attendance to convert period absences to AM/PM attendance.

Marking a Student as ESA Funded

Designate students as ESA Fund recipients on the "View Student Data" page by automatically incorporating their enrollment and attendance information into the ESA Student Eligibility file.

  • State Rpt tab: The "State Rpt" tab on the "View Student Data" page includes an "ESA Funded" checkbox for marking students as receiving ESA funds! Easy peasy!

Export ESA Student Eligibility File

The IDE is requesting a CSV file from Iowa's non-public schools, which educate students receiving ESA funds, to support accurate fund distribution. jmc has streamlined this process by gathering all necessary data and formatting it into a CSV file, simplifying reporting to the state.

  • Check Errors: The error summary report clearly lists students along with any data missing from the file that might prevent a seamless data share. Easily print a summary, fix any errors and let jmc continue checking for errors until the report contains all of the necessary information.

  • Export CSV File: Once you are error-free, you can export a formatted CSV file to your computer with a simple click, ready for uploading to the IDE site!

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