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Exporting an ESA student eligibility file
Exporting an ESA student eligibility file

Iowa non-public schools can easily create a file to report students receiving education savings account (ESA) fund to the IDE.

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The Iowa Department of Education requires non-public schools to report students that are receiving Education Savings Account funding. Reduce the time and effort spent manually entering this data into the IDE's worksheet by simply exporting an ESA student eligibility file in jmc! Export a CSV file in just a few clicks, containing all required student information for easy upload to the IDE's website and check this task off your to do list.

In jmc Office, head to Iowa > Export ESA Student Eligibility File to begin creating an error free ESA file to share with the IDE!

Step One: Enter a date in the "Capture Date" field or simply click the calendar icon to set the date that the IDE is requesting ESA data.

Step Two: Click the "Check Errors" button to display a list of any incomplete records of students receiving ESA funds.

Fun Fact: The summary page will display a complete record of missing data elements that will prevent the student eligibility file from being accurately uploaded to the IDE site.

Step Three: Click the "Print Summary" button to print a copy of the error report for your reference or click the "Cancel Summary" button to return to the previous page.

Helpful Tip: Head to the "View Student Data" page to update student records with any missing data indicated on the summary.

Step Four: Repeat steps one and two until your student data is error free to ensure a complete ESA student eligibility file.

Step Five: Click the "Export CSV File" button once your data is error free to create a file for upload to the IDE website.

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