The Form section allows guests to sign up for your event via your event website. It is added to your registration website by default, and you have to set it up for it to work its magic. The whole process can be quite cumbersome, so we’ve compiled this checklist for you to stay on top of things! 

First make sure that you are in the Registration Website Control Panel of the correct Event Workspace. Under Website Sections, click on the Form section widget.

Step 1

A Form section is nothing without a Form. But before you can set up a Form, you’ll first have to add a Ticket Class. Click on Ticketing and Form and then Manage Ticketing & Form Setup to be redirected to the Manage Ticketing & Forms page. 

Firstly you need to +Add Ticket (button located in the top right hand corner). Here, you can give your Ticket Class a name (i.e. General Admissions / VIP / Super Gold Saver / etc.), input its maximum capacity (if applicable), set the maximum number of tickets you want someone to be able to purchase per booking and set the price (if it's a paid ticket). If needed, you can also access a number of advanced settings here such as setting up closing rules and session booking.

Once you have set up all the ticket requirements needed, click Add Class. If you have more than one Ticket Class, click the ‘+ New Class’ button and repeat the process.          

Step 2

You will be able to add a unique Form for each Ticket Class that you have (Add Form), or duplicate an existing one.

Step 3

You also have the option of sending out a unique Confirmation Email or SMS for each Ticket Class that you have, or use the same one across them all (Add Email / Add SMS). Learn more about Setting Up Automated Registration Confirmation Notices

Step 4 (Paying Tickets Only)

If you have a paying Ticket Class, don’t forget to add a payment gateway so that your guests can make payment upon registering for your event. Learn more about Adding Payment Gateway.

Step 5 (Optional) 

You can even create vouchers for selected guests to redeem upon check-out. Learn more about Creating Vouchers

Step 6

Once you have set up your Ticket Classes and their accompanying Forms, it is time to configure their settings in the Form section of your website, such as when each Form expires. Learn more about Managing Form Details.      

Step 7

Give your event a personal touch by Customizing Website Notifications. You can also enable waitlist function here! 

Step 8

Set up your own registration disclaimer messages and any additional terms to protect your events’ interests. Learn more about Adding Registration Disclaimer & Additional Terms

Step 9 

In the Registration Website Form Section page, click on the Look & Feel widget to change the background and text colour of this section of your website. You will also be able to design how your Forms will look like by customizing its colours, text colours, field colours, button text and style!    

Step 10

In the Registration Website Form Section page, click on the Headline widget and give an appropriate headline for this section of your website. 

Remember to hit the 'Save' button once you are done and there you have it!


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