Saving searches and loading a saved search

You can save any of your queries by clicking on the ellipsis on the right-hand side of the search box and selecting "Save search query".

This will open the following pop-up.

The search name is automatically created as the date that you’re saving the search. The search query also populates automatically to be the query you’re trying to save. 

Note: Only the syntax of the search will be saved. The space or source that the search was originally ran against will not be included in the saved search query.

Once you save a search you can always open your search again by clicking on the ellipsis to open the search options and selecting "Load search query".

This will open the following pop-up where you can see your previous searches.

Clicking a search will allow you to load it or export it. Export instructions can be found here.


Is there any way to view all the saved searches?
Yes, by clicking the ellipsis in the basic search bar and selecting 'Load search query' you can view your saved basic searches.

Additionally all saved searches and searches shared with you can be found in the Search queries menu.

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