Some files can have a parent/child relationship with other files. When syncing or uploading a parent file, Onna's processing includes the parent file's embedded content. Examples of files with embedded content can include:

  • Zips and their decompressed files

  • Emails and their attachment files

Does deleting a parent file remove all its embedded files from Onna?
If a user deletes a parent file from a folder source, all its embedded files will also be deleted.

Can you delete an embedded file from a parent?
Yes, from a folder source you can delete an embedded file that came from a parent. After the file is deleted the parent and any remaining embedded content from that parent will remain in Onna.

Are files within a parent duplicated during processing?
These files are not duplicated. They are still within the parent and then also extracted for processing and viewing.

How come my search export includes some files that were in the zip but not all?
Files within a zip will be included in the export if they are matches for the search criteria. You can still download the zip and unzip it to retrieve all the original files within it.

When copying files to a folder are parent child relationships maintained in the new folder?
When copying files the parent child relationship is not maintained and will be considered individual files in the new folder.

How can I identify the parent of the children files in my export?
In the metadata file there is a field titled GroupID. The children files have the same ID as the as the parent file.

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