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Box Enterprise is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses. Onna connects directly with the API to collect all information in native format from entire company Box accounts and/or specific user accounts.  

Integration Features

Type of Account Needed
To start a collection, you'll need an Admin account on a Box Enterprise account. 

Note: Co-admin accounts on Box will not be able to perform complete collections.

All files are synced, including, but not limited to:

  • All files stored in Box

  • Comments

  • Collaborations

  • Tasks

  • Related Metadata (file creation date, file last modified, folder path, and revision id)

Onna Sync Modes

We currently support three syncing modes - one-time, auto-sync, & auto-sync and archive.

  • One-time is a one-way sync that collects information only once.

  • Auto-sync means that Onna will perform a full sync first and will keep the data source and Onna in mirrored sync.

  • Auto-sync and archive means that Onna will perform a full sync and archive the information collected. Onna will then automatically sync and archive any new information after the original sync. 

Data Exports

All files and metadata can be exported in eDiscovery ready format. Load files are available in a dat, CSV, or custom text file.

The following metadata fields are exported:

  • Author

  • File creation date

  • File last modified

  • MD5 Hash

  • Parent folder name

  • Path 

  • Revision

How to Guide

Click on "Add source" and select Box Enterprise.

First, you'll be asked to name your source. This is the source's title on the Onna platform. If you're naming for eDiscovery purposes a common convention is to name it after the company or account individual. 

Then you can choose the sync mode - whether one-time sync, autosync, or autosync & archive. 

Once you've named your source and added dates if needed, click 'Connect.' 

Onna uses OAuth to connect to Box accounts. Below is the two-step process you have to take to authorize Onna to collect from the account. 

First you'll have to add user credentials and give permissions to Onna to access the account

Then you'll be asked to grant Onna access

You will then have the option to manually add Box users by copying and pasting a list of emails or you can click 'Load users list' in the upper right-hand corner. 

Here you have the option to load a list of all the accounts available or you can also upload a CSV file with email addresses of the users you would like to collect.

Note: The CSV file should not include column headers. The CSV file should only have one column that include the email addresses of the users as seen below.

Selecting to load all users may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your organization. Afterwards, you'll see a list of accounts. These will be listed by alphabetical order and will include their name and email. The emails below have been blurred out.  Once you've selected the account or group that you'd like to sync, scroll to the bottom and click 'Next'. The last step is folder selection. 

By default all folders are selected to sync. The total number of top level folders available to sync for each account will be to the right of each account.

You can choose to 'Deselect all' folders on the top right side and individual accounts can now be selected by using the checkbox. By clicking on the checkbox next to the account name all folders will be selected to sync. Clicking on the arrow to the left of the account name will display the current folder structure for the account. Individual top level and sublevel folders can be selected by using the checkbox. If subfolders exist within a top level folder you will have the option to 'Remove Children'. Removing children will deselect all subfolders that exist within the top level folder.

On this page you can also choose whether to sync future top level folders created in the future if your source is in auto-sync or auto-sync and archive. New folders and any future subfolders belonging to the selected folder that are added to Box will automatically be added to Onna. 

Once you have completed the folder selection, click 'Finish'. 

The Box Enterprise account will be listed in your Sources. 

Accessing audit logs

Learn how to see the source's collection audit logs in this article.

Box Enterprise FAQ
Will deactivated users be collected?
Retrieving files from deactivated users is not possible due to limitations in Box Enterprise API.

Can CoAdmin Box accounts be utilized for collections?

For Box Enterprise collections we strongly recommend using a Box Admin account.

Since Box CoAdmin accounts have limited access, you will be unable to perform a comprehensive collection. When performing collections from a CoAdmin account, you will be unable to collect from other Admin & Co-Admin accounts, including the account used for the collection.

Users receive email notifications that their folders are open during collections.

In the Box Enterprise Admin account, you can modify the email notifications users receive during collections into Onna. Select the Admin Console then select Enterprise Settings. In your Enterprise Settings select Notifications and modify your desired options or select "Disable email notifications for all users in your enterprise and all of their content."

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