Getting Started

Onna lets you upload any type of files, like PSTs or documents directly from your computer with the "Folder" data source.  Onna currently processes and extracts content from most common file formats including Office files, pdf's, and many archive formats such as zip's and tar's.

Integration Features

What is collected?

  • Individual files

  • Folders

What are your sync modes?

We currently support one syncing mode - one-time.

  • One-time is a one-way sync that collects information only once.

How to Guide

Click on "Add a new source" and select Folder.

This will open the following modal

The first section covers the Source name. This is the name of your source in Onna. We've pre-filled it with 'Folder' however this is entirely customizable. 

You can drag and drop the files that you're looking to upload within the area or click browse to navigate and select your files.

At this stage, you can still remove files from your upload list by clicking 'Cancel all' or by eliminating single files. To eliminate a single file, hover over the check mark to reveal the delete option. Once you have the files you'd like to upload, click Done. 

Note: If you don't click Done, the upload will not finish. 

When you click on your new folder data source, you will start seeing results being populated. You can also upload more files to this source from this page by clicking on the upload icon on the right side of the page.

Additionally, if you have a workspace created you can upload files directly to the workspace instead of within a folder. To do this navigate to the desired workspace. Next, drag and drop your selected files into the empty area of the workspace.

Please remember uploaded folders/files will still need time to be processed in Onna for your searches.

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