Getting Started

Onna lets you upload any type of files, like PSTs, or documents directly from your computer with the "Upload" data source.  Onna currently supports over 600 file type formats.

Integration Features

What is collected?

  • Individual files
  • Folders
  • Videos
  • Files in over 600 file formats, including word, excel, or powerpoint.

What are your sync models?

We currently support one syncing mode - one-time.

  • One-time is a one-way sync that collects information only once.

How to Guide

Click on "Add a Data Source" and select Upload.

Name your data source.

After you have named it, you will be asked to upload the file(s) by dropping or choosing them from your computer. 

Once you have uploaded the file, you would need to click on Upload All and Onna will show you the progress of the upload.

Once the upload has been completed, the status will show a green thumbs up and Onna will begin processing the files.

When you click on your data source, you will start seeing results being populated. You can also upload more files to this source from this page by clicking again on the upload icon on the right hand side.  

From this screen, you are able to filter results by date range, categories, and/or extensions using the menu on the left.

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