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How to Create an Account

Start creating Accounts to create Orders and store contact details and invoices with them.

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Accounts are companies or customers that you do business with. They could be Suppliers, Partners, Customers or Contractors. Create an account to store contact information or start creating orders and invoices using the account. 

There are a few ways you can create Accounts: 

  • When you're creating an Order

  • You can import Accounts using our Import Tool

  • In Customers > Accounts 

  • In Contacts > Primary Accounts 

  • In Product > Supplier Account

  • Project > Primary Account

We'll run through creating Accounts through Customers in this guide. 

Get started

Head to Customers > Accounts and hit the blue Add Account button in the top right. 

Firstly, you'll need a Name for the account, which is the only mandatory field.

Next you'll need to start filling in their details, if you have an Account Number for this customer from your accounting software you can add it here. 

  • Account Owner - This will automatically populate as the user adding the account however if you'd like to change it, simply enter another users name. 

  • Account Type - This determines the type of account this is, for example Customer, Supplier or Prospect. Find out more about using prospects here

  • Status - This can determine the status of your account, the system defaults are active or inactive

  • Industry - You can assign the account industry here 

You can change the above lists to suit your bespoke requirements. See our List of Values Guide here

  • Tax Class - This is the account tax class 

  • Exchange Rates - This is the account exchange rate

Note: you can leave the above as the default which are specified at Company Level 

Fill in their Address, Country and any Contact Information, you can leave this blank too if they're a prospect or you're not sure of the information. 

Finally, you can specify the two following fields: 

  • Payment Term - You can create your own payment terms and specify them against particular accounts. If you have certain customers that have different payment terms you can simply apply them here.  You can create your own payment terms in System Setup > Payment Term

  • Invoice Run Code - Run codes are used to group orders. You can create your own run codes in System Setup > Invoice Run Codes

Once you have finished simply click the green Add Account Button. 

If you need some assistance we’re happy to help! Start a conversation using the Blue help bubble in the bottom-right corner.

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