Before following the steps below, please read the following safety advice:

  • Always stand clear of your oven when igniting - ensure nobody is within 1 metre (3ft) of the front of the oven.

  • Always allow 5-minute intervals between lighting attempts. This is to allow time for any gas to disperse.

  • Read through the safety manual for your region:

If you have an uneven flame in your oven, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove blockages from the burner surface

    • Ensure the oven has cooled down

    • Wearing protective gloves, take a can of compressed air and give the burner a good blast from inside the oven

    • Once you've given it a good blast, run the oven for 30 minutes

    • We recommend doing this every so often as part of a normal cleaning/service

  2. Remove blockages from inside the burner

    • Ensure the oven has cooled down

    • Remove the gas hose from the oven

    • Push in the gas control dial and blast compressed air through the stem where the hose attaches to the oven

    • Reconnect the gas hose and run the oven for 30 minutes

  3. Change the gas bottle

    • A new gas bottle can make all the difference, especially if the one you're using is less than half full

  4. Swap out the gas regulator

    • If you have a spare regulator on hand, try swapping it over

If you don't have a spare regulator and the above steps haven't resolved your issue, contact our team and we'll be able to help.

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