If your control dial has melted, contact our team and we'll be happy to send you out a replacement. Please include in your ticket:

To prevent your control dial from melting in the future, follow the tips below:

  1. Always shelter your oven from wind

    • Position your oven so that wind flows against the rear (avoid wind blowing directly into the front of your oven)

  2. When lighting your oven, make sure you turn the control knob very slowly

    • The turn before the "click" of ignition should take at least 5 seconds

    • This will allow the gas to flow into the correct part of the burner and will prevent backlighting

  3. Wait a few second in between lighting attempts

    • If your oven doesn't light on the first try (or if the flame goes out), wait at least 5 minutes before you re-light.

  4. Make sure you the pressure in your gas tank isn't low

    • Low pressure in your gas tank, especially when the gas is nearly finished, can lead to backlighting

    • If you have a different gas tank, please give this a go for your next cook.

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