Before following the steps below, please read the following safety advice:

  • Always stand clear of your oven when igniting - ensure nobody is within 1 metre (3ft) of the front of the oven.

  • Always allow 5-minute intervals between lighting attempts. This is to allow time for any gas to disperse.

  • Make sure to read through the safety manual for your region:

If the flame cuts out after you release the control dial on your Ooni Koda 12, there may be an issue with your oven's 'Flame Safety Device (FSD)'. This inbuilt safety feature cuts off the gas if the thermocouple isn't reading a high enough temperature.

To fix this, follow the steps below:

  1. Leave your oven to completely cool down before handling.

  2. Wearing protective gloves, wipe down the thermocouple (circled in green below) with a dry paper towel. If you can't reach it, spray some compressed air towards it.

  3. After following the safely advice to ensure your setup is correct, push in and turn your control dial slowly for 5 seconds before you hear the *click* of ignition. Once this ignites, keep holding in the control dial for a further 5 seconds before letting go - this is to make sure those flames keep burning.

If you live in the USA or Canada and the above tip hasn't worked:

Check to make sure your regulator hasn't had its surge protection triggered.

  1. Turn your Ooni Koda 12 to the OFF position.

  2. Disconnect the regulator from the propane tank and wait 5 minutes for any gas to disperse.

  3. Reconnect the regulator and ensure it's fitting tightly.

  4. Slowly open up the gas flow at the propane tank about half way until you can hear gas. Don’t open this up fully yet.

  5. Return to your oven. Push in and very slowly turn the control knob until you can hear gas flowing (this should only take 5 seconds). Wait 5 seconds more before you fully turn to hear the *click* of ignition.

  6. Keep the control dial pushed in for 20 more seconds.

  7. If this fails, turn the gas burner back to the OFF position and wait 5 minutes before trying again.

  8. If this works, return to your propane tank and open up the gas flow fully.

If the above steps haven't solved the issue, contact our team and we'll be able to help. Please include in your ticket:

  • Your oven's serial number

  • A video* of your setup that shows:

    • Your oven being lit

    • The flames while running

    • Your gas tank and regulator

* The easiest way to send us your video is to upload it on and then send us the link.

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