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Setting up Your Open Sessions Account
Updating your organisation business details
Updating your organisation business details

Sessions aren't the only things your customers will see. Update your organisation business page to provide more general information.

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Here's how to update your organisation details to provide more information about who you are.

After creating your account, the first thing you will see upon signing in is the below alert box asking you to complete your organisation information. Click 'Take me there'.

If you have already completed your organisation information, but want to make changes, click on 'Organisation settings' along the top, and then select 'Organisation information'.

Enter your address in the 'Address' box and select the correct address displayed by the Google drop down. After selecting your address, the 'Postal Code' box will be automatically filled. Next, select which County you are based in using the drop down menu. If you select 'Greater London' you will then need to select which London Borough you are based in.

Complete as much of the information that is relevant to your organisation, and then tick the box to confirm you have updated your information. Then click 'Save'.

If doing online sessions you need to ensure you have confirmed that you have appropriate insurance, licensing and safeguarding in place and music licensing. Click 'Save'.

Need further support?

At any point you can click on the messaging icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to chat to one of the Open Sessions team.

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