Creating a high-quality session page is important to attract as many customers as possible. Whilst the image, session title and description will help to draw people in, they won't help your session to get found in the first place.

Selecting my activity

After selecting to add a new session, the second box you will need to complete is 'Activity type'. Click on the drop down menu, and scroll through to find the activity most relevant to your session. You can select up to 3 activities per session, so for example if you a Bikram Yoga session, you would want to select both 'Bikram Yoga' and 'Yoga'.

Why is it important to select the best activity type?

Whilst you may be delivering a certain variation of an activity, for example a "gentle jogging" session, entering a more generic activity type, such as "running" will get your page seen by more potential customers. The description on your session page is where you can add this more specific information.

Put yourself in the customer's shoes and make your activities easy to find, otherwise all that effort you put into your session page will be wasted!

Got any questions about entering the activity type?

At any point you can click on the messaging icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to chat to one of the Open Sessions team.

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