If you are uploading a new session then go onto your ‘My Sessions’ page and click the ‘Add New Session’ button.

If your session has already been set up then press the view button on the session you want to edit. Then click "Unpublish and Edit"

On the ‘Describe session’ tab you will find a photo section. Click ‘Upload Photo’.

This will take you to your folder where you can simply click and insert the desired photo.

Once you have inserted your photo, if you change your mind click the ‘Change Photo’ button and swap for another one.

When you are happy with your final photo click ‘Save and Continue’ or ‘Next’ to carry on.

If you are adding a new session, complete the rest of your session. If you are editing an already created session, you can skip straight to the 'Promotion' tab. Click "Save & Publish" to publish the session with the photo.

If you need further support

At any point you can click on the messaging icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to chat to one of the Open Sessions team.

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